Here you find violins related to provenance, name, label, model or maker.

It's a wide range from high-end master violins to decent student violins from individual luthiers to manufactured antique master-pieces from the 19th and 20th century.

All instruments we offer have been checked in our workshop by our luthiers and by our violinist on tonality and playing conditions. For identification all violins are documented with an internal archive number, video soundfile and detailed XXL pictures - just click on the images for details.

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Altrichter , Julius 724 507 513 580

Apparut, Georges


Baader J. A.

Bader, Johann

Bailly , Paul

Bally , D. ( Ballý ) 752 Czech

Bartak , Antonin 582 Czech

Bourguignon, Maurice


Challier , Ernst

Chanot, George

Charotte , Charles-Francois

Closner , Ludwig 965 German

Closner , Ludwig

Gaspar da Salo


Drovak , Carl Joseph


Enzensperger , Bernhard

Ficker , Johann Cristian



- see also "Guarnerius"

Glass, Christian Friedrich

Glass, Friedrich August

Gobetti , Franciscus




Heberlein, Heinrich Theodor jr.

Heidegger , Eduard





Heinel , Oskar Bernhard

Heinel , Oskar Erich


Heinle, Charles J.


Hell , Franz



Homolka , Emanuel Adam

Herrmann 123

Hoyer , Andreas

Hueller , Emanuel 943

Keller, Johann

Kerschensteiner , Xaver
Klotz / Kloz

Kochendoerfer , Friedrich 821

Kuenzel , Arno 990

Lantner , Borislav 726 Czech        


Lidl , Josef




Mach , Alois 538 Czech


Meierl , Hans


Meisel, Christian Fridrich

Meisel , Friedrich August

Mestan , Jan



Moennig, Fritz

Neuner, Hans

Neuner & Hornsteiner

Prokop , Ladislav

Rauer, Georg        


Roth , Ernst Heinrich

Schallowetz , Franz


Schuster ,Carl Gottlob jun.

Stainer, Jacobus

Tiefenbrunner , Georg

Tiefenbrunner, Josepf

Testore , Carlo

Thumhardt , Gottlieb Alois

Tunioli , Antonio


Tichy , Johann

Tiefenbrunner , Georg


Schuster, Anton & Sons


Widhalm , Antonius

Wilchek , Rudolf 813 Austrian

Windisch , Otto


Wunderlich, Karl

Wunderlich, C.A.

Wutzelhofer, Bernhard

Zoller , Julius

146      663    


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All violins we offer have been checked in our workshop by our luthiers and by our violinist on tonality and playing conditions. Occasionaly existing issues like open seams or cracks, old repairs, missing parts or required improvements have been revised and carefully taken notice of, and if necessary - worked over. Our violins will sound and play well if you do so, and a little fine tuning will likely improve them.

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