Like the "Raiders of the Lost Strad" we are collecting old violins, mostly purchased on flea-markets, car-boot-sales or from old estates in Central Europe.

We are offering here some of these instruments for trade. It's a wide range from selected premium violins to decent student violins from individual luthiers to manufactured antique master-pieces from the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

All instruments are documented with a video soundfile and detailed XXL pictures - just click on the images for details.

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This webside is permanently updated with newly listed antique violins ! So please check back daily !

On every violin we offer a video / soundfile, as well as detailed XXL pics from all different angles possible. Measures and weight are also stated in the descriptions.

All violins we offer have been checked in our workshop by our luthiers and by our violinist on tonality and playing conditions.

Occasionaly existing issues like open seams or cracks, old repairs, missing parts or required improvements have been revised and taken notice of, and if necessary - carefully worked over. Our violins will sound and play well if you do so, and a little fine tuning will likely improve them.

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